Asia Grey Stone Dining Table - 1.56x0.96m-Dining Table - Travertine-Inspo Outdoor Furniture
Asia Grey Stone Dining Table - 1.56x0.96m-Dining Table - Travertine-Inspo Outdoor Furniture
Asia Grey Stone Dining Table - 1.56x0.96m-Dining Table - Travertine-Inspo Outdoor Furniture

Asia Grey Stone Dining Table - 1.56x0.96m

Inspo Outdoor Furniture
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Asia Grey Table 1.56x0.96m Rectangle


The Natural Stone Table’s beauty and durability will enhance your outdoor entertaining areas for years to come.

Natural Stone’s surface is not homogeneous; therefore, the patterns may differ in texture and colour. This variation in natural stone allows each table to convey its own unique character and beauty.

Size: Height: cm, Length: 156cm, Width: 96cm

Colour: Powder-coated frame: Black/Bronze

Key Features:

  • Travertine quarried stone tiles
  • Timeless designs
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Sturdy Light Weight: Rust proof powder-coated aluminium frame
  • Weather Resistant: Quality Materials
  • We recommend the use of placemats and coasters on all surfaces. Stone  tables need care and common sense to avoid etching marks from acid based spills..

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years on frame, Teak and wicker, 1 year on slings and cushions.

For Care and Maintenance, we recommend

The swatches and images depicted on these pages are for reference purposes only. Colour match will vary due to monitor characteristics.


With reasonable care, your Natural Stone Table should have a long, trouble-free life by observing the following:


  1. Prior to dispatch from the factory, a fluorocarbon treatment has been applied to the surface of the stone table. Also, prior to dispatch from the factory, several cleaning and brushing techniques have been applied to the table top allowing it anti-dust, water resistant, UV protection, and wear resistance qualities. However, over a period of 6 to 12 months some of these qualities may diminish- requiring the table top to be resealed. The following test can be conducted in order to determine if the table top does need to be resealed. Simply, place a few drops of water onto the table top surface- if the water is absorbed into the stone within 10 minutes, then resealing is recommended.
  2. Even with normal, everyday use, common reactions from being exposed to the elements are: tiny cracks, circular holes, and colour oxidation of the stone. If the table top acquires a light stain from a liquid spill such as: vinegar, wine, or a citrus based juice, please wipe the area immediately. DO NOT apply an abrasive or corrosive cleaning agent. A soft wash cloth with a warm water/ mild detergent mix is recommended.
  3. When placing hot objects onto the table top surface, use THICK placemats underneath these items.
  4. Your Natural Stone Table will maintain its new appearance longer if it is not exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time. We recommend you place a cover over the table top during periods of non-use.

By following these guidelines, you will extend the beauty and functionality of your Natural Stone Table top.