Teak - Care & Maintenance

New Teak

Teak furniture is an excellent choice for outdoor living and with regular maintenance will provide years of loyal service. Due to natural variations in the wood, each product and finish may vary slightly. When exposed to sun and rain, the colour of the teak will soften to a silver-grey patina. This considered part of the teaks life cycle with many connoisseurs of teak actually preferring the silver patina as a symbol of originality.

Recycled Teak

We apply passion and skill in production - the kind that comes with ancient crafts and centuries-old skills handed down through generations. S2DIO has perfected the art of crafting furniture from Recycled Teak, carefully selecting the wood prior to manufacture to ensure components are used in the most effective way. Recycled teak reacts in the same way as plantation teak when exposed to the elements and will thus provide you with longevity and a firm feeling of reliability when used outdoors. Teak will form a silver patina on the surface when it is exposed to the sun over time. This is perfectly normal and considered part of the teaks life cycle with many connoisseurs of teak actually preferring the silver patina as a symbol of originality.

Maintaining Teak

- Use a dry, clean cloth to dust furniture weekly.
- For spot cleaning, spray off any debris with a hose and brush off any dirt or debris with a soft-bristle brush. Spores that create mould and mildew thrive in environments with dirt and moisture. Dry with a soft cloth.
- New teak will experience oil surfacing. These areas, which look like a water mark, can be removed by gentle washing. 
- Avoid letting water stand on the surface of your furniture and cushions.
- When furniture is not in use for an extended period of time, protect it by covering or storing it. Before covering, furniture needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Cushions should be removed and stored in a dry place if possible.

Golden Care

To maintain Teak furniture in the best possible condition we recommend Golden Care® products. Golden Care® Company's key objective is to keep outdoor furniture looking new and to give it long term protection against the effects of the weathering process. And at the same time, cause minimal impact to the environment and human safety and comfort.

Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Cleaner: For a thorough cleaning, we recommend using Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Cleaner. Furniture should be thoroughly cleaned periodically and always before storing.

Golden Care® Teak Shield: Teak Shield penetrates and protects teak and other hardwood furniture to repel water and stains. The shield also helps protect against mould, mildew and ultraviolet rays.
Golden Care® Teak Protector: Teak Protectors helps to maintain the finish colour longer.

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