Kwila - Care & Maintenance


Kwila (also known as Merbau) is considered one of the most durable furniture- grade timbers in the world, with a beautiful natural red colour and rich oils that give it everlasting properties. Its strength and weather resistance make it the perfect timber for even the harshest of climates.

Through the initial weathering process Kwila will naturally leech any excess sap when conditions are wet or damp. This can stain unsealed and porous surfaces.Hosing the furniture down several times on a grassed area will accelerate this leeching process. Because timber is a product of nature, it is impossible to say how long leeching will take, but rest assured it will lessen over time. The sap may stain any covers or cushions placed on the furniture and it is therefore wise to remove these before hosing down.

Maintaining Kwila

- Use a dry, clean cloth to dust furniture weekly.
- For spot cleaning, spray off any debris with a hose and brush off any dirt or debris with a soft-bristle brush. Spores that create mould and mildew thrive in environments with dirt and moisture. Dry with a soft cloth.
- Kwila timber will leach natural tannins when exposed to rain or heavy dew. This will reduce over time; however, the tannins may stain unsealed or porous surfaces. Strong bleach can remove stains.
- When exposed to sun and rain, the color of the kwila will soften to a silver-grey patina. 
- Avoid letting water stand on the surface of your furniture and cushions.
- When furniture is not in use for an extended period of time, protect it by covering or storing it. Before covering, furniture needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Cushions should be removed and stored in a dry place if possible.

Golden Care

To maintain the new look of Kwila furniture the timber should be treated on a regular basis with Golden Care® products. This will also assist in the prevention of warping, cracking and checking caused by moisture absorption and extreme dry heat. Untreated, the timber will gradually weather to a silver ash colour.

Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Cleaner: For a thorough cleaning, we recommend using Golden Care® Hardwood & Teak Cleaner. Furniture should be thoroughly cleaned periodically and always before storing.

Golden Care® Hardwood Protector Red-Brown: The Hardwood Protector Red-Brown contains the perfect colouring for Kwila. This rejuvenates, protects and brings back the original colour of new Kwila.

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